Thursday, October 29, 2009

Huxley, the Explorer of Our Civilization

The 20th century is especially remarkable for landmark developments in art and literature. A number of writes dedicated their lives to introduce in literature subjects that describe various social and moral concerns of the age. The groundbreaking works by these writers disregarded traditional technique of writing and introduced fresh ideas in literature.

Among the most seminal writers of the age, Huxley is the writer whose name comes first in our mind. Like many of his contemporaries, he too, attempted to deal with various social concerns. His novels are a unique blend of science, philosophy and religion. Hence they are called the novels of ideas. Through his epoch-making novels Huxley established himself as one of the supreme examiner of the social norms and ideals of the generation that was misled by the devastating effects of the World Wars I and II.

Huxley is one of first writers to create a relationship between science and literature. In a number of works he introduced either semi real or fictional scientific and technological ideas to heighten the interest of science through art. The fiction that mirrors Huxley’s adherence to scientific developments at its best is none other than his masterpiece Brave New World. At first reading the novel seems to be a science fiction (of dystopian tradition), depicting the tragic and chaotic vision of a futuristic world. But in reality the novel is a serious satire of the social and moral decline of the present civilization.

Brave New World
In the novel Huxley deals with some serious issues of the modern technologically advanced world. Technology was supposed to make us civilized, but instead it led us to utter destruction. Man is the destroyer of his own existence. He himself creates situations that cause class distinction, moral decline, religious dearth, decline of traditional values, and many things that are related to civilized manner.

Nature has its own way to govern man’s life. Man has invented technologies to change his lifestyle. Technology is not bad but overindulgence to it may result in loss of normal flow of life. Comfort is an essential part of human life, but in the name of comfort we cannot manipulate the rules of nature radically. Huxley rightly showed that artificial production of human child, free sex, denouncement of god and region can increase our opportunities of gratification of needs and comforts but at the same time they lead us towards complete dehumanization. Such civilization leads a supposed happy life. Behind the guise of its colorful appearance lives an ugly one that is full of chaos and violence.

Huxley’s work is a successful work of social criticism. It brings us face to face with the unpleasant image of human beings. The present world is full of sexuality, dehumanization, and mechanical intentions. Day by day it is loosing its naturally inherited manners. Huxley’s examinations accurately match with the condition of our age. From this point of view he is truly the greatest examiner of norms and ideals of modern society.


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