Saturday, October 31, 2009

The necessity of business cards for “job seekers”


With the growing problems of economic crisis, the number of unwaged people in our society is increasing day by day. After graduation almost every individual confronts with the harsh reality of the competitive job market. The process for getting a job is neither short nor easy. Any job seeker will admit that without having a strong social connection it is relatively impossible to get a job. Therefore, the adoption of an effective networking component is inevitable for anyone who is interested in a successful career. In this case, business card  can be an easy solution. Business cards (also known as job seeker's visiting card) sit on the desks and are carried in the wallets of almost all professionals/employers. Apart from résumé, the simple business card is an invaluable networking tool, which makes it easier for people to remember you, help you, and recommend your name to others.

When and where should I leave a card behind:

There are some situations where you can’t carry a detailed résumé with you, such as picnic with friends, dinner with neighbours, marriage ceremonies, cultural functions, sporting events, and other social situations. These events are also some of the best places to network and get help with your job search. In such contexts business cards come very handy. It’s quick, compact but effective. Whenever you meet someone who is known to have the right connections in the market, don’t forget to distribute your card. The card won’t instantly settle an interview for you, but may increase the opportunity for future consideration.

How many cards should I order?

Well, it depends on the extent of your interaction with other people. If you are a sociable person then you will take part in a lot of networking activities. In that case you are bound to distribute a large number of cards. Don’t be afraid! Nowadays you can afford lots of business cards in exchange of a small amount of money. It can't be considered as a financial burden. If a small amount of money can help creating a job opportunity for you, then why hesitate throwing away some small pieces of papers?

How should I arrange the design elements?

You have to design you car with a professional touch. Try to keep it plain but elegant. Use colours but don’t show its excessive use. Leave the backside blank for other people to write notes on it; it will definitely increase the chances of card to be kept by the receiver. Maintain an illusion of openness in the card by arranging your information artistically. Bold fonts if want to highlight some particular information. Above all, try to avoid typographical errors.

What Should I include on my card?

At the present time business cards no longer just include names, telephone numbers, and email addresses. You have to include different social networking addresses, such as a Twitter feed name, Blogger page, or a Facebook page to maximize the chances of staying in touch. A personal webpage or blog may help you to display your talent. But you should have adequate content on your page before creating business cards. Whatever you do don't include too much Information on your card. Your business card should include roughly the following features:

  • Your Name
  • Titles of Degrees.
  • A valid E-mail Address
  • Personal website/Blogger Address/ Twitter Feed Name/Facebook page.
  • Present Address.
  • Telephone and Cell phone Number.
  • Your Photo (Optional)
  • Brief Account of Your eligibility as a job candidate. (Optional)


I think now you know the value and importance of business card for job seeker’s. If you are currently looking for job and don’t know how increase its opportunity, then try this simple solution and advertise your talent in the easiest way that you could ever imagine!


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