Saturday, October 31, 2009

Red as Your Fashion Color

No one in this world can deny the emotional and aesthetic charm that is attached with color. Color stimulates our sense of beauty and helps to apprehend our sensuous sides. Color makes our life joyous and flamboyant. We can't imagine our life without color. It gives our life a touch of diversity that is amazingly intense and refreshing.

Red as Your Fashion Color
Among the myriad varieties of colors, red is supposed to be the most sensual as well as fascinating. This highly evocative color kindles a faster heartbeat and breathing. It is the color of passion and love. It is magnetic and enthralling. It has the power to draw attention of others. Biologically human beings are programmed to be emotionally attached with red.

It plays an important role in human relationship. It is an intense weapon to seduce the opposite sex. Red clothing and accessories can embellish a woman better than any other color you have in your mind. Such robust color should be worn in appropriate social situations only, or not there is a chance that people might misinterpret your intensions or even taste! To help you with such problem we have some tips for you. Let’s see whether they can help you to choose appropriate social contexts for wearing red dress or accessories:

The solution is very simple. You can wear the color red anytime you wish. Wear it everyday or on a holiday, party, dating, etc.

But if you are skeptical about wearing red then you can choose to wear it underneath your dress. You can wear red undergarment (bras, tube tops) that will be seen partially but hopefully create a stimulating effect on people.

You can also create a dashing outfit by wearing red accessories. Wear the main dress with any color but try to wear red earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and hair-clips. You can also carry red handbags to give the look an extra specialty. Besides, use red socks and shoes to match your outfit. Red can be your choice for makeup. Red lipstick is highly attractive and romantic.

Red has occupied a special place in our current fashion trend. Almost every fashion designers collection contains if not all but a few red dresses. Shortly speaking, the fashion world is unappetizing without the fascinating charm of red.

I think you are now convinced that you can ear red wherever you want. It will always make you look absolutely dashing. But you should also remember that red is not appropriate in formal situations like seminars and official meetings. Except such situations you are free to wear it and look hotter than ever!


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