Sunday, November 15, 2009

How to Make Categories in Blogger

Like Wordpress Blogger does not have any features to categorize your contents automatically. But if you still insist to categorize your posts then you have to do it by using Labels gadget. In order to use the Labels gadget you have to follow these steps:


Go to Blogger’s Dashboard. Select the Layout tab. If you find that the Labels gadget is not listed in Layout, then include it by clicking Add a Gadget link. A customization window will appear. Modify it according to your demand (for instance, you can determine whether you want to show all the labels or a selected few). You can add this gadget any where you wish for example in the navbar area, sidebar, or footer depending on the system of your template.


Edit your post’s labels according to your grouping. For example, if you want to put a particular post under a category named “Pets”, then simply label it as pets. Try to be careful when labeling your posts. If you fail to enter the label accurately then the post will not appear under the desired category. That means the label you put should match with name of the targeted category. Any alteration of the labels may prove disastrous.


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