Sunday, October 7, 2012

Surface Will Rule Tablet World

I really don't get why modern men are leaning towards android powered tablet PCs. I'm saying this because I find these PCs greatly incapable of doing things which I can do more comfortably on Windows powered desktop PCs or netbooks. The software collection of android is extensively rich. But these programs lack the usability and more importantly the functionality, which is a prerequisite for professional works. The reality is that Google mainly developed this OS for mobile phones and as a result functionally ii is not as strong as Windows. I've heard a lot of complains from tablet PC users that they are sick of using android OS as it provides basic apps. Some of them even asked me whether they can install windows on an android OS. They wanted to replace android with Windows since it would broaden the opportunity for them to use anything much comfortably whether it is a software or an accessory. Hardware manufacturers usually make their products targeting Windows machines. Rarely, they provide driver support for others operating systems. So I cannot blame if anyone shifts his interest from Android towards Windows.

Microsoft Surface

This only reminds me one thing: a huge change in the tech world will come if windows powered tablet pc is launched. The good news is that early or late, Microsoft, the begetter of windows has decided to launch Windows powered tablet PC Surface. This is certainly good news for Windows lovers. On the other hand, it could be a bad news for the now-ruling tablet operating systems: iOS and Android. Now the question is will surface be an iPad killer? Well, I talked about this with different people, ninety percent of them were hopeful that Surface will win the race with its new Windows 8 pro. Microsoft really worked hard to make its OS fit for the tablet PCs. Even the tab’s exterior is painstakingly designed. With magnetic keyboard and kickstand it emerges as one of the innovative and caring devices of the age. If everything goes ok this device will eventually replace the desktop PCs since users will be able run desktop apps on their tabs. This would be absolutely a dream coming true for the windows lovers.


  1. Surface is full of crap

  2. I wonder why they failed


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