Sunday, January 20, 2013

Change Your Facebook Birth Date

I was really embarrassed when I accidentally entered the wrong birth date during sign up of my boss’ facebook account. Can you imagine whose thing of interest I busted! I wish I didn’t do that. He constantly kept asking me whether the date is changeable. But I could not tell him anything and he stared at me in such a way as if he might cry at any moment! Okay, mental stress sometimes numbs our brain for a while and we can’t see what we should have seen when it was necessary. But when we think after a while in a tranquil mood all things come into a solution. The thing is that I also could see which I missed foolishly. Changing birth date on facebook is easy as a pie. But remember, you can change your birth date for a limited instance. So, think twice or even thrice while attempting to change your birth date. Here are the simple steps to guide you through:

Step 1

Go to www. and log in to your account

Step 2

Click on your profile picture to your to enter your profile page

Step 3

Click “About”

Step 4

Under Basic Info hit “Edit” button

Step 5

Edit your birth day and hit “Save” button

Step 6

You’re done!


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