Sunday, May 26, 2013

TS Video Player V 1.0.0


Today I am going to share a basic/simple video player source code. This code is written in VB 6. I have named it TS Video Player. It uses the msdxm.ocx as the core component for the player. There are thousands of examples are available about this ocx over the internet, but mine is different as it unveils many unknown features of this component. Let’s see its features:
  1. Custom Context Menu over Video!
  2. Custom Cursor over Video!
  3. Media Speed Control
  4. Custom Position Bar
  5. Custom Volume Bar
  6. Custom Balance Bar
  7. Custom File Title
  8. Custom Media Time/Duration
  9. Custom Media Control (Play, Pause, Stop, Mute, etc)
  10. Disabled appearance of Windows Media Player Help Menu when F1 key is pressed
TS Video Player V 1.0.0

Concluding Comments

This is just a rough version. I will share a much refined and complete version in future. Hopefully, later versions will contain much more features.

Some Instructions

Note: You need to make sure that the msdxm.ocx and comdlg32.ocx exists in your system folder. If these are missing then you should copy them in the said folder. Alternatively you can also keep these files directly in your project’s folder, i.e. in TS Video Player’s folder.


Your comments are always welcomed in this blog. Please let me know about the usability as well as weak points of this code. I shall try to develop/rectify it as per your proposals/suggestions. You can also suggest new features for further enrichment of this code.


File Format: .zip
File Download Size: 57.1 KB


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