Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to Enable Start Menu in Windows 8

Start Menu 8

Windows 8 emerged with tons of new ideas and wonderful user experience as well. This series just filled the vacuum which Android OS created with its novel ideas. However, this uniquely innovative OS made some unnecessary changes which just undermined some of its established features. One such feature is the Start Menu. Microsoft created lots of inconvenience for the users by completely disabling this feature. Although, this created a lot of hue and cry amongst users, Microsoft still decided to exclude this feature from its update in 8.1.

But it’s good news that the software developers always try to compile new applications to increase user experience as per individual needs. The users just need to opt the right application to fulfill their purpose. In the same way, any user of Windows 8 can solve the Start Menu issue by using a number of third party applications. But in my opinion “Start Menu 8” is the best software for this purpose. Now, let’s watch the following video to see how to use this software:


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