Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sample Letter about Increase of Credit Card Limit

Sample Tender Submission Letter

Requesting a Higher Limit on Credit Card

May 30, 2017

Name of Addressee
Name of Bank/Credit Card Co.
Branch Name

Sub: : Increase of Credit Limit against Credit Card No: [insert].

Dear Sir,

I have been holding the above credit card with your reputed [bank/credit card company] since long. Up till now I have sustained a good transaction record with timely bill payment history. When I first opened my account I was given an insufficient credit line against my credit card. After few years my credit card was upgraded to [insert card type, i.e., gold, platinum, etc.] but again without any satisfactory credit limit or whatsoever.

Recently I have received a proposition for upgradation of my existing card to [insert card type, i.e. gold, platinum, titanium etc.]. I would definitely welcome this opportunity but with a special request for suitable credit limit increase. Since I have a nice experience with your service other than the credit limit, I am still very positive to continue my business with your bank in the future.

Under the above circumstance, I would highly appreciate if you kindly grant my request and increase the credit line into a handsome amount.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Handwritten Signature
(Name of Customer)
Account No: (insert number)


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