Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Choosing Right Accessories for a Black Pinstripe Suit

A pinstripe suit is a nice choice if you wish to add sophistication to your look and personality. Such a suit is elegant and adaptable. You can wear this suit in different formal situations such as at an interview, at the office, at the meeting with right choice of accessories. But wrong choice of accessories might ruin the total look. If you are confused about choosing the right accessories for your pinstripe suit then just read the following tips to generate the appropriate style for you.


A plain white shirt is the best choice for a pinstripe suit. It is better to avoid stripe shirt since it will debase the suit’s stripes to some extent. You can also choose to wear a light blue shirt if you wish. If you can’t stop thinking about patterns then choose shirts with light stripes or checks.

Cuff Links

Wear cuff links to have a polished look.


You should wear a solid colour tie with your pinstripe suit. You can also wear ties with small dots. Always try to avoid a shiny look or textures, such as stripes or checks. But you can still wear faint patterns.


The choice of pants for a pinstripe suit is a difficult task. Don’t waste your time to find pinstripe pants to match with your suit. Because no matter how hard you try you won’t be able create the right combination. It is wise to go for solid light grey, white or beige pants.


Wear plain black socks.


Unquestionably well-shined black shoes will be your only choice to match with your pinstripe suit.


Your belt should match or closely resemble the color as well as texture of your shoes.

General tips

• Never wear pinstripe suits for informal situations like wedding, party, etc.
• Always wear a well-tailored and professionally/perfectly ironed suit.
• Tall and skinny men should wear a three button suit with wide lapels.
• Men of medium height and shorter men should wear a suit with one or two buttons.
• Skinny men should wear wide ties and always keep a handkerchief in the breast pocket.

Remember, there are no definite yardsticks to determine outfit styles. In most cases fashion advisers varies in their opinions. It is wise to experiment with different combinations to find out the right outfit. The same advice is also applicable for pinstripe suits. There are plenty of advises to guide you but the actual work must be done by yourself. Just research with different styles and pay attention to your friends’ opinions. I believe that would help you a lot to reach to a decision.


  1. The section about the pants is puzzling. If you buy a pinstriped suit, it will have matching pants and jacket. If you buy a 3 piece suit, it will include a matching vest or waistcoat. You should always wear the suit as one, never try and mix and match suits in general. Pin striped suits are even harder to match.

  2. Perfect! It is very helpful for men to choose the right accessories for their suits. Usually they are having hard times to match their accessories with their suits unlike to women who have the guts in fashion.

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