Friday, February 10, 2012

What to Write on a Wedding Gift Tag

Sometimes you spend so much time in choosing the right gift for your loved ones that you get perplexed when it comes the time to add a wedding gift tag. Wedding gift tag normally contains an inscription or message reflecting your care and affection for the newlywed couple. It is true that a nice gift can express your feelings, but if it is presented with a nice message it would definitely intensify the gift receiver’s feelings for you. So then what to write on the tag? Well it’s really easy:

Writing Inscriptions

The basic trick is to keep your message short and simple. You can start simply wishing the couple a glorious future, or giving a piece of advice for a happy married life.
Sample 1
Best wishes for Lydia on her wedding day
And all her days ahead be happy ever after –
Your Name Here
Sample 2
To: Mr. & Mrs. Smith Best Wishes,
Your Name here
Sample 3
"To the Happy Couple"
Your Name Here
Sample 4
For the Bride and Groom on their Wedding Day
Your Name Here
Sample 5
To: The Lovebirds–
Your Name Here
Sample 6
Wish you all the best for a happy marriage –
Your Name Here
Sample 7
Happy days are here to stay!
Best wishes to both of you.
Your Name Here
Sample 8
Best wishes for the lovely couple –
Your Name Here

Attaching Tags

The tag can be attached on top of the gift box with transparent tape. If the gift is bagged then the tag should be tied with a lace.


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