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16 Strategies to Be Practical in Your Life

This world is a present place to live in but our life here is not a bed of roses. Earthly life is full of troubles and obstacles. One has to fight against these malignant forces to make his life better. But regretfully,   only a few can overcome these barriers. The fortunate ones are definitely the winners. Struggle, strife determination, and practicality is the key to success in life. An idle, aimless and impractical man never succeeds in life. So if you wish to be successful just form a practical outlook. Now the question arrives:
  • How hard is it to be practical?
  • What is the right method to be practical?
  • Is it essential to be a hundred percent pragmatist to attain success?
  • Will practicality always bring a change in life?
well, we cannot really point out precise yardsticks to answer these questions but what we can do is to give some probable suggestions to guide you through. The main job has to be done by you. So read the following suggestions carefully and decide which suits you best. Good Luck!

Suggestion 1
Chose Friends Carefully: Friends play a vital role in the overall development of the personality of an individual. It is evident that friends can either make a man successful or unsuccessful. Good friends certainly make a good impact on your character. So, while choosing friends, be selective. Avoid those who might make you go astray.
Suggestion 2
Be Attentive: Concentration is the key to achieve any goal. So, whether you are a student, a businessman or a man in service, try to be attentive to your assignments. A sound thinking might make you successful in any matters.
Suggestion 3
Avoid Hasty Decisions: Many a times in our life we take hasty decisions. Such decisions lack sufficient investigations and as such often tend to be wrong and disastrous. So, always take your time or discuss with your friends and relatives before taking any decisions.
Suggestion 4
Be Helpful: Try to be social with your neighbors. Try to spare some time for them in those situations when they need somebody by their side. This will create a good relationship with your neighbors, which will be beneficial for you in the future, especially when you are in an adverse situation.
Suggestion 5
Avoid Extravagance: Do not spend money unnecessarily. This is important when your earning is limited. A restrain in uncontrolled spending might increase your future savings.
Suggestion 6
Invest Thoughtfully: Think twice before you make any investment. Try to invest in those fields where there is a guaranty that you will be benefited.
Suggestion 7
Reshape your Personality: If your personality is weak it can be affective for your career. For example, if you are pessimistic in everything then you won’t be able to succeed in anything. Try to form a positive attitude about you.
Suggestion 8
Don’t Be Too Imaginative: Man cannot live without imagination. It sometimes makes him feel good as it is a sort of escapism from the sordid reality. It acts as a gateway for getting into an idealistic world where everything happens as he wishes them to happen. But the actual world is not that simple, it is replete with troubles, shortcomings, and imperfection. So, it is better for you to think a bit more practically and stop making castles in the air.
Suggestion 9
Overcome Your Fears: Don’t live in your fear. It will destroy your ability to fight in real-life situations; you will most often hesitate in taking important decisions, which sometime may cost you too much. So, be a man and try to overcome your greatest fears.
Suggestion 10
Ensure Physical Fitness: Keep yourself physically fit, because a man with a weak physique cannot fight in any contexts, whether it is personal development, pursuance of career, sexual life, etc. To ensure a sound health try to take some physical exercise every day.
Suggestion 11
Acknowledge your Faults: Mistake happens no matter how hard we try to avoid it. When you make a mistake you must not deny it rather try to accept it so that you can avoid worsen consequences.
Suggestion 12
Quit Bad Habits:  You should distinguish between good and bad habits. You can do this by analyzing positive and negative sides of a particular habit.  You must eliminate the bad ones for your own sake.
Suggestion 13
Enlarge Your Knowledge: Knowledge is power; it can help you solve numerous problems you face in practical life. Don’t hesitate to learn a new thing, no matter how silly it is.
Suggestion 14
Experiment with New Ideas: When things doesn’t work in normal ways then think out of the box and try to something new.
Suggestion 15
Don’t Kill Time Unnecessarily: It is not wise to waste valuable time in unproductive matters.  Rather try utilizing time when you have it. Because time passes away and never stops, it is relentless and indifferent.
Suggestion 16
Never Let Emotions Rule You: Liberate you self from the prison of emotions. Emotions makes you weak while practicality makes you strong. But it is also true that without emotions you will be nothing less than a robot. So the trick is to control the degree of emotional feelings in different contexts of life.


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