Friday, September 21, 2012

20 Good Sounding Words in English

The worth of a piece writing sometimes depends on the style you are using. You can improve your style simply employing uncommon words. Whatever you choose try to opt the good sounding ones. English is a resource reach language so its word collection is quite extensive. I don’t know about you, but when it is the thing about writing I can’t compromise it by selecting poor words. So, how to improve your diction? Well, it will need a lot of practice and searching too. But don’t be worried because here is a short word list to guide you initially:

 1.  Aerial – view from above
  • The photo shows an aerial view of the largest stadium of the country.
2. Acumen – quick insight or the ability to make quick accurate judgments
  • Obama is known for his political acumen.
3. Brew – develop, grow
  • The project has been brewing since long and starting to get ready.
4. Corpus – body of writings, group
  • The corpus of John Donne’s poetry comprises countless love poems.
5. Diametrically – completely
  • The theories are diametrically opposite when we judge them by individual assumptions.
6. Debacle – disaster
  • The debacle led to the resignation of the president.
7. Discrete – completely separate
  • Peoples all across the globe have gathered here for peace despite their discrete identity.
8. Gravity – seriousness, importance
  • The defendant failed to understand the gravity of the charges.
9. Gulf – gap
  • Misunderstanding often creates a gulf between the lovers.
10. Hatch – produce
  • It is assumed that the plot for recent violence was hatched in America.
11. Hibernate – sleep
  • The dredging of the Ganges has gone hibernating due to some mysterious reasons.
12. Indulge – take pleasure in
  • Sometimes the little boys indulge in fighting like big boys.
13. Lax – negligent, slack
  • Lax laws always tends to crime
14. Magnum opus – great work
  • Nowadays Henry Fielding is chiefly remembered for his satiric magnum opus Joseph Andrews.
15. Onus – burden
  • The whole nation bears the onus for bad governmental decisions
16. Pinnacle – highest point
  • Alexander Pope reached the highest pinnacle of his artistic innovation through his undoubted masterpiece The Rape of the Lock.
17. Rekindle – revive something
  • The innatist theory rekindled the age-old debate whether language existed before experience.
18. Tour-de-force – something done with supreme skill or brilliance
  • Yeats is best known for his romantic tour-de-force The Lake Isle of Innisfree.
19. Veteran – experienced
  • The veteran leader decided to visit the flood-affected regions of the country.
20. Quixotic – romantic
  • Byron blended his quixotic lifestyle in the protagonist of his poem.


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