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Buying Guide for a Cheap Tablet PC

Tablet PC is a very modern concept. It is gradually emerging as one of the most accepted devices of the age. The reason for its popularity is mostly because of its handy and slick look. It is definitely much more convenient to carry it in a meeting or presentation. It has been also predicted by the tech giants that tablet will sometime replace traditional PCs.

Since it is a new notion you will naturally start thinking whether you need one of these. Well, in this case you really need to analyze whether you really need one. I’m saying this because these devices are either run by operating systems similar to mobile phones. As a result you won’t be able to use a tablet as comfortably as a Windows powered netbooks. Simply speaking, it is nothing more than a Smartphone. The only difference is that it has slightly larger screen than a Smartphone. Now the choice is yours. If you think that your works can be meet by such a device then you can go for one. Or suppose you just want to experience it as a new device then you can also get one.

tablet pc

I think you have already decided to buy one; so now you will need the money to buy it. The tablets produced by the leading manufacturers are much high priced. So you have to decide well whether you can afford these. However, you can also buy some cheap tabs which are manufactured in China. These tabs are not definitely as good as the leading ones but they can give you a glimpse of such devices. I think you have already got my point of writing this article, today I will tell you about the things you should consider before buying a low budget tablet pc. Let’s see in detail:
  1. CPU & RAM: This is very important. Your tab should have at least 1GHz Processor and 512 MB Ram if you wish to run the latest android apps.
  2. OS: Always buy a tablet that comes with the newer version of Android OS. It is crucial if you wish to use latest apps.
  3. Screen: Your choice of screen size must be 7” to make it a great substitution for a netbook. Cheap tabs usually provide resistive screens which is an outdated technology. Such screens require much pressure during operation. So you should buy a tab with capacitive touch screen and of course with multi-touch.
  4. Storage: Nowadays low budget tabs come with at least 4GB internal storage. The larger the storage, the bigger the opportunity for you to store your stuffs. So try to make sure how far the tab’s storage capability can be increased by memory cards. Most commonly, recent tabs support memory card up to 32 GB.
  5. Connectivity: Full USB port is a must feature for your tab since it will allow you to use keyboard, mouse, pen drives, 2G/3G modems, etc. Majority of tabs provide mini USB ports which a bit annoying since you will need to use a converter to use desired accessories. Besides, a card reader can be a good feature to look on. I will also advise you to check the availability of wifi and Bluetooth facility because there are some really really cheap tabs which do not provide these.
  6. SIM: Buy the tab which lets you to use SIM card. It will provide you the opportunity to make phone calls and also let you brouse internet without using any USB dongle.
  7. Flash: A tab without flash support cannot be a good thing if you wish to watch Youtube videos. Besides, you won’t be able to use those apps which require flash support.
  8. Android Market: A tablet PC is completely useless if you cannot install apps in it. Android Market lets you access countless latest apps. A number of people complained me that their cheap android tab,s Android Market is fake. So, it is better to check whether the tab has a working Android Market or not. Camera: Previously tabs came with only front facing camera. But nowadays some tabs also offer rear end camera. So it will be good for you if get a tab with both cameras.
  9. Battery: Battery is the life of your tab, if it is long lived then your tab will survive well after video watching, web surfing or phone calling. If you purchase a tab with poor battery life then it will be a complete wastage of your valuable money.


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