Monday, October 29, 2012

Music Player for Android

Music Explorer
I am new in android platform. I was really excited to explore its possibilities. My expectations were crushed soon after I find out that my music player stopped working after several sessions of playing. It was really hard to believe that my integrated player got screwed by itself. Anyway, I looked for some alternative music players. But my quest turned utterly disappointing when I found that all the popular players are stuffed with lots of unnecessary features, not to mention stupid bugs. Which really bugged me about these players is that they don't allow playing music files from a directory or folder. It’s a shame, because I don't prefer playing audio files from albums or artist lists. So I kept looking for what I really needed. Then at last I found a simple app which really served my needs. The app is called Music Explorer. It has neither a cool interface nor an exciting feature like equalizer. But the player can give you comfortable music experience. You can play music from anywhere you wish, such as internal memory, external SD card or even from pen drives. It can play one after another tracks even in background, a feature which is foreign to many paid apps. Its playlist is a very basic one but will provide you access to a few handy features like shuffle and repeat. The player is very light weight and occupies less Ram. In a word, Music Explorer works in the same way as it promises to work. Nowadays I cannot even think of replacing it with any other players. I believe that none can abandon it after coming across with its dependability.

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