Sunday, November 11, 2012

Top 10 Android Apps Download Sites

The best thing about Android OS is definitely its app support. The user is in full liberty to install a wide variety of apps. Google Play (formerly known as Android Market) is the official app store for Android platform. It serves both free and paid apps. But the user does not necessarily need to install apps from this site only. Nowadays several other app stores are also available. But what really problematic about these stores is that the user needs to download apps directly into his device. Then what to do if someone wants to download an app into his desktop PC? Well the solution is simple, he needs to Google some sites which let direct app download. Anyway, I had the same problem so I searched over the internet for such sites. Luckily I have quite a few of them. All these sites will allow anyone to download apps directly into his PC without any troublesome registration. But in some sites you have to be patient while downloading as they offer a series of nagging ads. Again, there may be some broken download links, which is a bit irritating. Despite these few limitations, the sites are really good. Below are the top Android app download sites:


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