Saturday, March 23, 2013

Change font of all elements with one line CSS code

All Font-family into one
Sometimes in life, you just want to change! You want to change your dresses, your friends, your job, your furniture and what not. When designing a webpage it is normal that you have coded your webpage with many fonts. This is normal when you have pasted many codes from various websites.

In the above scenario, it may be possible that you want uniform font faces in all of your page elements. The truth is, you can do that with CSS and more surprisingly with one line of code.

So without further ado, here is the code:

In the code above, we set Arial and other fonts as the font of all the elements. The browser will look for the fonts one after another. If the Arial font is not present in the computer then Helvetica will be used and so forth.

Remember, if you use a font which has a space ( ) in its name, you will have to enclose the name in single quotes (').


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