Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Windows 8.1 to be Released in October

Nearly one year has been passed since Microsoft released its ultimate OS Windows 8. But regretfully, Windows 8 failed to attract customer satisfaction as per Microsoft’s anticipations. Microsoft designed its OS for both desktop and tablet PCs. Although the OS felt OK with the tablet users, it began to get into the nerves of desktop users. It is because this OS is mainly good for touch devices. Taking some major shortcoming into consideration, Microsoft recently decided to release the first major update for Windows 8. It will be released in October 2013. The existing Windows 8 users can download the update for free of charge from Windows Store.

Windows 8.1

The users of Windows 8 will have new experience in the following fields:
  • Options for choosing animated images as background for Start Screen
  • Slide shows in the lock screen
  • New version Internet explorer (v 11)
  • Bing-powered search
  • Cloud connectivity through Skydrive
  • Search feature powered by Bing
  • Addition of a Start Button
  • Windows 8 messaging application will be replaced by Skype
  • Provision for skipping the Start Screen to boot directly to desktop
It seems to be a timely measure from Microsoft’s part to rectify Windows 8’s shortcomings. Although they tried to incorporate new features in the existing OS, it is still doubted whether the users will appreciate it or not. For instance, Microsoft hasn't bothered to include a start menu, which could make app navigation greatly troublesome.

The interested users may sign up to try the early preview version of Windows 8. We have to wait till October to evaluate the final version. Till now we can wait and see what Microsoft is bringing forth with the latest release. 


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