Monday, February 10, 2014

6 Most Effective Blogger SEO Tips

 Blogger SEO Tips
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is required when you wish to attain maximum search engine coverage for your site’s contents. Right optimization can rank your posts higher than ever. Such optimization is essential for Blogger blogs since Blogger in not so much SEO friendly. It’s very true that you won’t get better rank in search engine with Blogger’s default settings. Anyway, you can secure top ranks by following some simple procedures:

 Short Techniques of SEO Optimization

(1) Add Search Description:
Step-1: Go to Settings > Basic
Step-2: Under “Description” click on “Enable Search Description?” then write a description of your site including keywords relating to your blog.
Step-2: Click “Save Changes”.
 (2) Swap Your Post Title:
Step-1: Got to  Template > Edit HTML
Step-2: Find the following code:
Step-3: Replace the above code with the following code:
<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == “item”>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>
<title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> </b:if>
Step-4: Save the template.
(3) Highlight the targeted Keyword in:

  • Permalink
  • Post title
  • Custom Post description
  • Post Sub-Headings (e.g. h2, h3, h4, etc.)
  • The first and last sentence of the blog post

(4) Use labels wisely

(5) Use alt tags for images

(6) Linking:
  • Link your post with a related post(s) of your blog.
  • Provide links of other sites relevant to your topic.

Some Useful Links for Blogger SEO Tips

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  1. These are awesome tips! If I may add, I heard from a team of website designers phoenix that meta descriptions can also help raise a site's Search Engine Ranking. Although the word count is limited, meta descriptions can be a way to insert a secondary keyword, where the primary keyword is in the post's title.


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