Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sample Letter from Landlord for Ending a Tenancy

Sample Tender Submission Letter

Landlord Giving 30 Days Notice to Tenant to Vacate

January 4, 2017

Name of Tenant
Apartment No: [insert number]

Sub: Termination of Lease Agreement dated [insert date] of Apartment No: [insert number], located at [insert address].

Dear Sir,

As per terms specified in the above agreement, vide clause no: [insert number], page: [insert number] your monthly rent for the subject apartment was stipulated at [insert amount]. At the same time, in the very clause it was also stated that you would agree to increase the rent by [insert percentage] in every [insert] year. Unfortunately, you never paid an enhanced rent in spite of my repeated reminders. Moreover, you have not been paying any rent for the last few months.

In these circumstances, pursuant to clause no: [insert number], page: [insert page number] I am hereby giving you a notice to vacate the apartment within [insert number of days] days from the date of this letter.

If you vacate within [insert number of days] days, I will not claim any arrear of rent. I hope you would choose to accept the offer and vacate the apartment accordingly. Kindly note that if it is not vacated on the expiry of [insert number of days] days then you will be treated as an unlawful occupant. In such event legal actions shall be taken against you as per prevailing laws of [insert country name].

Thank you in advance for your anticipated co-operation.

Yours faithfully,

Handwritten Signature
(Name of Landlord)


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