Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sample Letter for Refund of Duplicate Payment

Sample Tender Submission Letter

How to Inform the Customer That a Cheque Has Been Issued to Refund His Double Payment?

April 4, 2017

Name of Addressee
Customer ID: [insert]

Sub: Refund of Duplicate Payment.

Dear Sir,

Our accounts department discovered an inadvertent overpayment from your end. As per invoice dated [insert date] your [e.g. phone, internet, etc.] bill for [insert month’s name] was [insert bill amount] which you duly settled on [insert payment date]. But on [insert date] we received another payment of [insert amount], which appears to be a duplicate payment against the invoice in question.

Therefore, we have the pleasure in enclosing a cheque of amounting to [insert amount] representing the refund of excess payment.

Thanking you and assuring you of our best possible services at all times.

Yours sincerely,

Handwritten Signature
(Name of Signatory)


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