Monday, October 26, 2009

Stay Well in a Simple Way

For a number of reasons we fall a victim to various life-threatening diseases. We can easily avert them by ourselves in advance. That's what they say isn't it? - "Prevention is better than cure." Let's see how you can stay well without going to a doctor-

· To alleviate headache eat lots of fish. You can eat ginger too, which also works very well.
· If you are suffering from fever then eat yogurt or honey.
· To avoid stroke you can take tea.
· For asthma eat onions.
· For stomach ache eat either banana or ginger.
· In case you catch cold then eat garlic.
· To prevent breast cancer eat wheaten food and cabbage.
· To avoid ulcer cabbage is especially useful.
· To get rid of mental stresses eat honey.

These are all part of nature cure with natural stuffs. These ingredients are easy to get and what's better than natural? Use them, stay healthy.


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