Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sample Letter for Renewal of Rental Agreement

Sample Lease Extension Letter

July 30, 2013

Mr. William Grey
(Address Line 1)
(Address Line 1)

Sub: Renewal of Lease Agreement for Apartment No.:........, located at........................... .

Dear Tenant,
This letter serves as our Notice for renewal of Lease Agreement, dated (insert date) for the above-mentioned Apartment. The lease for the said Apartment has expired on (insert date). Consequently, the Lease Agreement could be renewed by changing the terms and conditions to the following extent:

  1. Monthly Rental: (insert amount)
  2. Advance Rental: (insert amount)
  3. Extended Lease Period: (insert date)

Except for the aforementioned terms, all other terms and conditions will remain as per the Lease Agreement signed earlier.

Accordingly, I have enclosed the draft copy of the new Agreement for your kind perusal. Please let me know whether you wish to renew the lease period or not.

An early reply will be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much for choosing our apartment for your comfort.

Yours faithfully,
Handwritten Signature
(Full Name)


  1. Draft Lease Agreement - 2 Sheets Landlord/Agent


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